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Cucumber Maki - Kappamaki

easy recipe fast recipe servings 2

Hosomaki ("thin rolls") is a small cylindrical piece, with the seaweed on the outside. In the Japanese cuisine they generally contain only one filling, often tuna and cucumber, around the world you can find them also with thinly sliced carrots or avocado.
Kappamaki is a kind of Hosomaki filled with cucumber.


- 1 cup of Japanese rice

- 1 tablespoon of sushi vinegar powder

- fresh cucumeber (stick shape cut)

- seaweeds (nori)


Cook the rice (here the recipe) and add sushi vinegar powder.
Cut cucumber. in thin slices. Please check a size of the seaweed and make the cucumber slices long as your seaweed.

Cut out the wet seeds part of the cucumber. Place the seaweed on your bamboo sushi-mat. Wet your fingers with water, so the rice won't attach to your fingers.

Put sushi rice on the seaweed, and spread the rice. Don't put a lot of rice! Leave 2cm of seaweed without rice on the long side.

Put one sliced cucumber on the rice and roll it up like in the pictures! First roll the part with the rice and press it.

Open the sushi-mat, roll again so the seaweed without the rice can close your roll. Press again with your fingers.

Open the sushi-mat. Wait a couple minutes to make maki stable, and then cut maki to 6-8 pieces, remeber to wet the knife with water while you are cutting it so the rice won't stick on it. Serve cold.

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