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Japanese White Rice

easy recipe fast recipe servings 2


- 2 cups of Japanese rice (short-round


- 2 cups of water


For the vinegar

- 6 tablespoons rice vinegar

- 4 tablespoons sugar

- 1 tablespoons salt

- 3cm square Kombu


Put 2 cups of japanese rice in a bowl (tipically the Japanese rice is called short-round grain rice). Add water in the bowl and mix the rice with your hand.

Pout the water. Do this for 3-4 times, until the water becomes enough trasparent to see the rice thought it. Then put the rice in a pot.

Add 2 cups of water (the quantity of the water has to be the same of the rice: 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of water; 2 cups of rice, 2 cups of water). Cover the pot and quicly bring the water to boil. DO NOT OPEN THE POT! You can recognise the water is boiling cause the lid is moving.

Once the water is boiling put the fire low and cook it for 15-17 min. After put the fire high for 10 seconds (do not open the pot!) and then turn it off. Leave the pot close for an other 10 min.

After 10 min without the fire open the pot. Your rice is ready.
If you like you can add the sushi vinegar to it. Mix 6 tablespoons rice vinegar, 4 tablespoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 3cm square Kombu. Warm the sauce a bit and then remove the kombu. Spread the vinegar on the rice and mix it.

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