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The Authors of the Blog



My first real cooking experience was when I was 17 in the summer camp of the Israeli Scouts cooking for hundreds of hungry children in the middle of the forest. Right then and there I fell in love with making people happy through food.
As a girl, my mother used to call me a carnivore because of my never ending lust for meat and till this day my favorite things to cook and eat are all kinds of meat and of course – anything with chocolate!



Having lived in Italy for most of my life surrounded by great food, I never really challenged myself in the kitchen there: I didn't have enough time and patience to cook... and I also have a great mum! When I moved to California I started to cook, mostly because I was missing my cuisine, and found out it was fun and satisfying (especially if you have a hungry hubby for dinner every night). I like Italian cusine but get curious in trying out new recipes. My favorite foods are pizza, sushi and chocolate, of course, the reason why Adi and I match really well!

The creation of the Blog

We met in Berkeley, California, and started to get together sometimes to cook for fun and to learn new recipes from each other’s cuisine. We figured out that since you have to eat at least twice a day anyway, why not enjoy cooking by experimenting with creative recipes.
We were surrounded with friends from all around the world and had the chance to learn about their traditions and especially their cuisine involving them in some of our cooking meetings. Kaori and Isa, from Japan, soon became regular partners and our official Japanese cooking teachers. Quickly our meetings became more frequent and the recipes we collected piled up, and more and more people became interested in cooking with us and wanted our recipes. We also wanted to extend the circle of people we share recipes with and learn from.

So in December 2011 we started the project of the International Cooking Blog with the mission to create a place where people can meet, share their cuisine and learn new ways of cooking.
We want to present our recipes in a way that people all around the world will be able to understand: we try to use more pictures and visuals and less words. We also describe the ingredients so that everyone can find them almost anywhere or suggest good substitutes for them.

We thank you for visiting our site (forgive us for some mistakes here and there) and we invite you to be a part of our project and upload your recipe!

Our Cooking Partners



Since I moved to California, a lot of people have asked me if I can make sushi... I was surprised and glad when I knew Japanese cuisine is such a popular dish in the world. All my recipes come from my mum, so it's real Japanese cusine :-) I'd love to share them with people from all over the world!



I am Maddi and I am from Italy. As many friends of mine, I have started cooking because I needed to! When I moved out of my parents's house for studying abroad in 2007, I soon realized how much I was missing my mom's kitchen... But that was the moment I started to cook and enjoy my self in the kitchen. I have even created a blog myself "La cena e' pronta" with some Italian recipies written in duch, and I also post some of my dishes in english on The International Cooking Blog, which my friends created. I hope to inspire you as much as I get inspired while in the kitchen, I let you enjoy these amazing dishes!



Hi! I'm Audreay and I'm from France. I'm happy to share with you many French recipes!



I'm a Los Angeles native and have recently returned to California after spending half my life in Portland, Oregon. From both places, I've come to appreciate eating local foods and trying to follow the seasons. My cooking background includes everything from baking in a Vegas coffee shop to cooking in an Italian restaurant in Portland to catering wilderness retreats on the San Juan Islands. Now, I just cook for fun, and love finding simple ways to make tasty meals. I also try to blog about health issues and specific medical diets at: Healthy Green.