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Seledka Pod Shuboj - Herring Under Fur

easy recipe 30min recipe servings 4 read the post

This delicious salad is another recipe of Nina, Federica's Russian friend.
Seledka Pod Shuboj means literally herring under fur, it is worldwide known also as dressed herring, herring under coat or, in italian, aringa sotto pelliccia, it takes its funny name because of its top layer. The beets and mayonnaise layer, after some hours of resting in the refrigerator, makes the mayonnaise pinky, like the skin.
It is made by herrings, boiled vegetables and dressed with mayonnaise. Like the classic Russian salad is typically served during winter celebrations.


- 4-5 medium potatoes

- 3-4 carrots

- 3 eggs

- 250gr salty herrings (filet)

- 3 beets

- 1 onion

- mayonnaise (look at the recipe here)

Boil or steam cook potatoes, carrots and beets with their peel, time depends on how big are they, check them with a fork to make sure they are cooked and let them cool. Peel the vegetables so they are ready to be used in the recipe.

Cook the eggs hard-boiled, let them cool. Cut in small pieces the herrings (if your herrings are in oil, clean them well with paper towel before to use them). Dice the onion.

This salad is made by layers. Grater the potatoes "a la julienne" (use the big holes in your grater as showed in the picture) and make a first layer in your serving bowl with half of them. Make a layer with the herring cubes, spread some mayonnaise on top and cover with onions.

Make a second layer of potatoes, cover with carrots (also gratered "a la julienne") and sliced eggs. Make a final layer with gratered beets and spread a good amount of mayonnaise to cover complete the beets.

Cover with plastic paper the bowl and let it rest in the refrigerator over night or for at least 5 hours. The mayonnaise should pass through the layers. Yu don't need to add salt cause the herrings are usually already pretty salty. Serve cold.

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