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Potato Gnocchi

low difficulty recipe this recipe need quite a bit of time servings 4


- 900g of white potatoes

- 150g of flour

- 2 yolk eggs

- salt




* In the picture on the left: potato, pumpkin and spinach gnocchi with sage and butter sauce.

You can add the sauce you like most to the gnocchi!


Boil 900g of white potatoes and peel them after the cooking. On your table put 150g of flour, mash the hot potatoes over it, add 2 yolk eggs and a teaspoon of salt.

With your hands mix everything, adding extra flour if the dough sticks on your hands.

Mix until it forms a solid ball. Divide the ball in smaller pieces and roll them into long logs. Cut the log into 3x3cm pieces. Roll them over a fork, lightly pressing in the center with your finger to create a notch.

Put the gnocchi in a tray with some flour, so they won't stick on it. You should eat the gnocchi as soon as possible, if you want you can freeze them for later. Once you want to eat them, follow the process below, you don't need to defrost them first.

To cook the gnocchi: In a pot boil water and salt it. Add the gnocchi. They will fall in the bottom of the pot, to prevent them from sticking, gently move the surface of the water with a wooden spoon, without actually touching them.

The gnocchi will float when they are ready. With a scoop, gently remove the gnocchi as soon as they float up. In a pan, melt some butter and add the sage.

When the sage is crispy add the gnocchi and mix gently. Serve warm spreading on top some gratered parmesan.

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