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Red Bell Peppers Chicken

very simple recipe medium time servings 6 Read the post on the blog


- 450g of chicken breast (1lb)

- 4 red bell peppers

- 1tablespoon of french mustard

- 1 white onion

- black olives

- oregano/basil/rosemary

- 1 cup of potato starch

- 1 glass of white wine

Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, put them in a bowl and add the spices.

(you can also add cumin, paprika, black pepper if you like)

Add 2 spoons of french mustard an mix everything. Let it marinate for 20 min.

Dice the onion and brown it in some olive oil in a fryng pan. Wash, clean and chop the red bell peppers. Add them in the pan.

Mix and add the black olives. Let the vegetables cook for 5 to 10 min, depending on how you like the bell peppers (crunchy or soft).

In the meanwhile, put the potato starch in a bowl and, piece by piece, dredge the chicken so the flour coats the meat.

Add the chicken in the pan and sautée. After a few min, add one glass of white wine.

Let it cook for 5 min (it could be more depending on the size of the chicken, be sure the chicken is well cooked!), stirring occasionally. Serve hot.

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