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Japanese Negima Yakitori

easy recipe fast recipe servings 2

Yakitori means grilled chicken. It's commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken.


- chicken thighs

- green onion

(better if japanese big green onions)

- salt & Pepper



- 5 tbs soy sauce

- 3 tbs sugar

- 2 tbs sake


Cut the green onions in 3cm pieces long. Cut the chicken thighs in 3x3cm pieces and add some black pepper to taste.

In a long wood stick fix the chicken and the green onions as you like (here we did chicken-onion-chicken-chicken-onion-chicken)

Grill them in a non-stick pan, oil is not necessary but you can add one tablespoon of vegetable oil if they stick too much to the pot. Turn them few times until the chicken is cooked and they are tanned on both sides.

Make the sauce: mix 5 tbs soy sauce, 3 tbs sugar and 2 tbs sake. Pour the sauce before to serve on top of the skewers. Serve hot.

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