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Moules Marinieres - French Marinated Mussels

very simple recipe 30min recipe servings 4 Read the post on the blog


- butter : 30g

- onion : 1

- garlic : 1

- white wine : 300ml

- cleaned mussels : 1kg

- half and half : 150ml

- salt and pepper

Mince the onion and the garlic

and fry it gently in the melted butter in a stew pan. Add the white wine and wait until boiling

Add the mussels and cover during 2 or 3 minutes until each one is opened.

Take all the mussels out of the pan and add the half and half to the onion-garlic-butter-wine mix. Let the pan over the fire during a few minute so it diminishes.

Add salt and pepper. Mix the cream with the mussels and serve warm, with fresh bread or french fries.

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