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Get to know some tips: Round Tips


- icing (follow the recipe here)

- disposable bags

- couplers

- star tips: 1, 3, 5, 7, 12



Before to try your tips on the cake we strongly recommend to try them on a piece of wax paper to practise. What is important at the begining is to learn how to control the pressure and how much to sqeeze the icing bag.

Writing. Hold the bag 45degrees, with the tip slightly above surface. Sqeeze the bag andgently move the tip according with the shape you want to make.

To close the shape stop the tip and squeeze like to make a small dot.

Zigzags. Hold the bag at 45 degeres, steadily squeeze it and move your hand in a tight up and down motion.

S ribbon. Start to make a dot and to rorate the tip around the dot. Once you almost complete the rotation keep sqeezing and add a new rotation in the opposite sense close to the first one. Sqeeze constantly the icing until you complete the second rotation. Stop preassure the bag in the center and lift tip away.

Dots. Hold the bag at 90degrees, with the tip slightly above the surface. Sqeeze the bag and keep point of tip in icinguntil dot is the size you want. Stop squeezing the bag completely before you lift the tip from the dot.

Drawings. Be creative! Use the round tips as you were using a pencil on a sheet of paper. Play with colors.

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