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Baby Food - Tofu Mochi with Sweet Soy Sauce

easy recipe fast recipe servings 2 servings 2 servings 2 Read the post on the blog



- Shiratama-ko 100g

- Silken Tofu 100g

- Water 0-2tbl (depends on your tofu)


- Sugar 2tbl

- Soy sauce 1tbl

- Water 3tbl

- Potato starch 1/2tbl

- Water 3tbl

Mix ina bowl Shiratama-ko, tofu

and water. Add water in order to make a soft dough (as soft as your ear lobe). The quantity of water depends on yur tofu. With your hands, make one-bite-size balls

Boil the mochi balls till they come up.

Prepare a bowl with cold water and add the mochi balls. Strain when cold. If you need them for later, don't leave them get too dry, they will get very sticky. In case put them i water again.

Make the sweet soy sauce. Mix sugar, soy sauce and water in a cup

Heat the sauce in the microwave for 1-1,5 minute. Put potato starch and water in other cup and mix.

Add the potato starch mixture in the warm sauce and mix. Heat in the microwave again for about 20 seconds. Mix the sauce. Serve mochi with warm sauce on top.

Super cute Sotaro liked them very very much :-)

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