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Baby Snack - Steamed Pumpkin Cupcakes

easy recipe fast recipe servings 2 servings 2 Read the post on the blog

You can cook this cupcakes with carrot, banana, spinach instead of pumpkin. Good for babies and kids breakfast/snack.


- 170g Flour

- 25g Sugar

- 5g Baking powder

- 180ml Milk

- 60g cooked pumpkin (to cook the pumpkin: slice it, clean it from the seeds, and cook either in the oven covered with alluminum foil or in the pressure cooker or in the microwave)


Cook the pumpkin until soft (in the oven covered with alluminum foil or in the pressure cooker or in the microwave). Remove the peel and with a fork smash it in a bowl.

Weight the flour and add the baking powder. Add the flour mixture into the pumkin bowl.

Mix sugar nd milk and pour it into the bowl.

Mix everything until no lumps. Pour the mixture into silicon cupcake cups. In a pan bring to boil some water. You want to cover half of the cups by hot water.

Add the cupcakes in the pan and cover it. Steam cook for 7-8mins. Check cakes with a toothpick.

They are ready when it comes out clean. Let them cool at room temperature and revome from the silicon cups before to eat them.

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